Me Llamo Gabriela/my Name Is Gabriela: La Vida de Gabriela Mistral / The Life of Gabriela Mistral - Monica Brown, John Parra

Brown, M. (2005) My name is Gabriela. Cooper Square Publishing Llc; China: Bilingual edition. 



A young Chilean girl, Gabriela Mistral, learns to read and write. She writes of her travels around the world and eventually wins the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. 


Monica's books are inspired by her Peruvian-American heritage and desire to share Latino/a stories with children. She a is a Professor of English at Northern Arizona University, specializing in U.S. Latino Literature and Multicultural Literature. She writes and publishes scholarly work with a Latino/a focus, including Gang Nation: Delinquent Citizenship in Puerto Rican and Chicano and Chicana Literature; and numerous articles and chapters on Latino/a literature and cultural studies. She was the recipient of the prestigious Rockefeller Fellowship on Chicano Cultural Literacies from the Center for Chicano Studies at the University of California. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Pre-K-3rd grade